Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano

CCCD, Founded December 14, 1962, is the oldest Dominican not-for-profit in the United States

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Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano, Inc.

The mission of CCCD, a 501(c)(3), is to enrich and empower youth and adults through arts and culture, which the CCCD carries out by making key services available to the community. These services are meant to provide the community with political, professional, educational, and cultural tools, with the objective of demanding a more active role in the empowerment of the Dominican and Hispanic community. As an active organization operating in Washington Heights and Hamilton Heights, CCCD has been enhancing and promoting both Dominican and American cultures since 1962.

CCCD is a testament to the potential and tenacity of the Dominican people. Our community has lived up to the immigrant challenge and more. As many arrived in masses within the last fifty plus years, we have acquired a group of educated young adults participating in all levels of socio-economic strata, be it in the service of the food industry, education, finance, medicine, law, politics and others. Dominicans have demonstrated and eagerness for achievements and a deep commitment to demand active integration into the establishment, without disengaging from their culture and heritage.