Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano

CCCD, Founded December 14, 1962, is the oldest Dominican not-for-profit in the United States

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About Us

Dr. Marilu Galvin

Dr. Marilu Maria D. Galván is the Executive Director of the Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano and has been closely involved with that organization since its founding, as well as taking part in the activities of numerous other Dominican organizations, the Dominican Bar Association, Lions Club International, and other well-known organizations. Galván and her first husband, part of the Juan Pablo Duarte Club, were both active in the push for New York City to honor Juan Pablo Duarte with the statue that now stands at Canal and Sixth Avenue. In addition to promoting and celebrating Dominican culture, the Centro Civico organizes educational events each month devoted to exploring the history and traditions of different countries around the world, visiting a different country each month.

From 1975 to 2002, Dr. Galvan taught social studies at L. D. Brandeis High School. It was while teaching there that she began studying at Brooklyn Law School. She went away from L.D. Brandeis to be acting assistant principal at other schools and retired in 2002. She received an MA from NYU in School Supervision & Administration and was also an adjunct professor from 2002 to 2006. She received a JD from Brooklyn Law School.

The center is also served by administrators and about 20 volunteers